Once Upon A Time in Australia #3 Nocturalis

Prose Fiction.
36 pages. A5 size. B/W interior.
Price: AU$7.00

Once upon a time in Australia, long before the arrival of modern man, in a time before the Dreamtime, there were other far more ancient races of humans. Bizarre creatures roamed the land, strange fish swam the oceans, and grotesque ghouls flew the skies. All are long dead. All evidence of their existence decayed and eroded by the wind and rain. Their stories buried by the red sands of time…

Synopsis: Years of drought and tribal warfare have decimated the Ullatu people. The tribe fled its homeland and settled on the shores of the great inland sea, which is teeming with strange and bizarre sea monsters. Out, amid the receding waters and treacherous sandbars, precipitous rocky spires jut high towards the sky. One of them, a towering monolith with a ragged dagger-like peak, seems to pierce the clouds. Lurking within the monolith is a multitude of Zugnavu - the Night Wings. Horrific, sightless and grotesque fiends, at dusk they fly out of their roost in search of prey. During a fateful night the Night Wing terrors attack the newly established village. They quickly swarm the Ullatu people, sup on their blood and carry away their children to feed their own vile progeny. In the midst of the melee, darker and more base urges need to be sated.
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