Phantastique - Tales of Taboo Terror - Volume 1 graphic novel book cover

Tales of Taboo Terror
Volume 1

Yes, Australia's most Controversial Comicbook has been Resurrected!

And in fully bloody colour!

Featuring a Line Up of the Unusual Suspects including:

Steve Carter
Antoinette Rydyr
Rod Williams
Pete Correy
Dez Waterman
Dillon Naylor
Ross Radiation
Ryan Vella
Glenn Smith
Glenn Lumsden
Jason Paulos
and the enigmatic Fred Enroht.

104 PAGES of freaky horror stories
brimming with gruesome goodness!

A4 SIZE! Full Colour Covers!
Full Colour Interior!

ISBN-13: 978-0987622938

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5-Star Review by Dave Dye on Amazon January 15, 2018

Incredible imagination and art!

I had seen SCAR’s work around in various anthologies before I bought this book, so I was aware of their way-out stories and amazing art. I had never seen their work in colour though. The colour has lifted it to a new level.

This book immersed me in their “worlds” and really blew me away. I got right into it! This book ticked all the boxes for me. I never knew how much I liked this way-out sort of stuff until I got my hands on this book. My eyes widened as I read stories of a world of violent, post apocalyptic, erotic, Neofems and Amazulus. Who created this stuff? They must have some serious issues.

Then there are the action packed tales of crazed demons from hell, battling on a different plane for possession of human souls. Incredible imagination! If you like your women strong, mean and sexy than you’ll love these stories.

I don’t recommend this book to wowsers and wet blankets. You need a broad mind and a healthy sense of humour. I do recommend it to everyone else. Very entertaining!

Phantastique - Tales of Taboo Terror - Volume 1
contains nineteen strange tales of the imagination including:

Neofem page 1

NEOFEM - (10 pages) By Steve Carter & Antoinette Rydyr

Easy Prey page 1

Easy Prey - (4 pages) Art by Dillon Naylor

Greetings From Within page 1

Greetings From Within - (4 pages) By Dez Waterman

Bad Blood page 1

Bad Blood - (4 pages) Art by Ryan Vella

Seeds of Death page 1

Seeds of death - (2 pages) Colours by Pete Correy

Well of Souls page 1

Well of Souls - (12 pages) Inks by Glenn Smith

The Emissary page 1

The Emissary - (8 pages) Art by Jason Paulos

He Came Back page 1

He Came Back - (7 pages) Art by Fred Enroht


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