YUCK! #7

Graphic Novel. 196 pages. Size: 23cm x 15cm.
B/W interior.Price: AU$25.00

The Universe's greasiest comix anthology returns with Yuck! Number Seven! Original surreal black comedy from a plethora of low-lives, including Ben Hutchings, Tim Molloy, Bruce Mutard, Michael Aushenker, J. Marc Schmidt, Gregory Mackay, Scarlette Baccini, David DeGrand, the Phatsville crew, Kapreles, S.C.A.R., Glenno, Frank Candiloro, James Andre, Keith McDougall, Fred Atkins, Craig Collins, Georgia Quinn, Ross Radiation, Ben John Smith, Andrew Fulton, Johandson Rezende and many more surprising sickos. Straight from the gutter into your hands. Adults only. Cover by Ben Sea. Edited by Mr. Slime.

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book cover - YUCK #7