Japanese Monster

Pen and ink illustration featured in Aftershock - Artists Respond to Disaster in Japan graphic novel.

Pen and Ink line drawing with computer colouring.

We are pleased to have contributed to "Aftershock", a global response to the disasters of March 2011 in northeast Japan. Over 35 contributors from around the world have donated their artwork and stories to this amazing compilation. The purpose is to act as an open letter of support and concern to the people of Japan.

Published by Big Ugly Robot

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Japanese Monster

Aftershock - Published by Biguglyrobot Publishing,
Editor - Adam Pasion.

Also featuring the talents of Sam Spina, Noah Van Sciver, Ben Snakepit, Sean Michael Wilson/Michiru Morikawa, Simon Taylor, Michiru Morikawa, Jeffrey Brown, Chad Edwards, Lars Martinson, Jason Young, Samuel Mooney, Neale Blanden, Jon Garza, Dirk Schweiger, SCAR Studios, Jessica Cantlope, Jethro Wall Ganbare Japan, Carrie McNinch, Marie Condenzio, Abby Denson, Eric Shonborn, Peter Conrad, Mark Campos, Alison Wilgus, Tod C Parkhill, Chris MacKenzie, Jim Giar, Topher MacDonald, Sara Lindo, Barry Lancet/ Akiko Shimojima, Jonathan Baylis/ Eric Kim, and Ben Hutchings.