Bill the Demonslayer

Pin-up featured in "Billy the Demonslayer - Complete Series Two Collection" - April 2012.

Pen and Ink line drawing.

Bill the Demonslayer

Billy the Demonslayer
Complete Series Two Collection
Published by Siberian Productions
Editor - Hayden Fryer.

Also featuring the talents of Ian C. Thomas, Emma Toia, Guy Dernee, Mathew Currey, Chris Charlton, Nick Margersion, Tony Newton, Alisha Jade, Jen Breach, Tim Pearson, David Mayers, Rachel McLachlan, Paul Abstruse, Ryan Wilton, Colin Wells, Steve Martinez, Michael Sandford, Trevor Wood, Ben Michael Byrne, Alex Major, Tanya Nichols, Anthony Pike, Jacen Carpenter, Dean Rankine, Mark Withington, Zack Castro, Frank Candiloro, Shannon Browning, Gary Wong, Wayne Nichols, and Tom Bonin.

Billy the Demonslayer comicbooks available here or at all good comicbook specialty stores.

Billy the Demonslayer cover