Ho! Ho! Ho!

Xmas pin-up featured in Decay #11 comic book.

Pen and Ink line drawing with computer colouring. Scene featuring the Spore Whores. Published in Decay #11.

Ho! Ho! Ho! - Scene featuring the Spore Whores

Decay #11 Christmas Special - Published by Dark Oz, Editor - Darren Koziol.

Also featuring the talents of Frantz Kantor, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Alister Lockhart, Paul Abstruse, Jason Paulos, Greg Holfeld, David Williams, Glenn Lumsden, Dave Follett, Lee Smith, Gee Hale, Daniel Watts, John Stewart, Tanya Nicholls, Drew Close, Jason Goungor, Tom Green, Scott Cranna, Cristian Navarro, Goo and Tomte.

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