A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2010

Curse of the Swampies by Steve Carter, Antoinette Rydyr and Paul Elliott wins Best Feature Film Screenplay at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2010!

Judges: Stephen Sewell (The Boys and Animal Kingdom)
Anthony Egan (Needles and Mortal Fools)

Special thanks to the organizers, judges, sponsors and supporters.

Curse of the Swampies is based on the story, Plague of the Swampies written in 1993 - original concept and characters by Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr.

You've seen Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, Mummies, Demons, Psychos, Serial Killers, Giant Critters, Robots, Aliens. Now a New Generation of Monsters has emerged...


...Man's Worst Enemy

Humans are no longer the most dangerous predators on the planet.

Mankind is being usurped by a new apex predator.

Man is their Prey.

Swampy swimming underwater

Any enthusiastic filmmakers with a genuine passion for horror/SF interested in learning more about Curse of the Swampies can contact us directly!

Two Swampies in the woods

Monsters Among Us!

Synopsis: There are monsters living among us! Swampies - a bizarre race of female predators that assimilates men to propagate its species.

The Government’s misguided social experiment in co-existence has plunged the idyllic township of Epsilon Valley into a state of high tension.

Within this climate of fear and denial, Mike, a defiant cop, is determined to save his estranged son, Riley, from the snare of the lascivious swampy, Ursa. Riley is marked for death in order that a new swampy may live.

Mike’s actions will impact his family, the community and challenge the very concept of life and death.

Curse of the Swampies - Man is Their Prey poster